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Self Standing Outdoor Road Sign With Letters... More pictures here

The best manufactured and useful sliding letter sign produced in Australia, now with more than 370 numbers, symbols and popular letters it's easy to make your changeable sign come alive.

Easy to wheel, easy to use and change everyday sign

Lightweight and very sturdy you can wheel in wheel out your portable sign everyday and advertise your business products and sale items very quickly. Made for everyday use outdoors. Includes heavy duty wheels and all metal frame sign construction.

Heavy Duty Steel and genuine BlueScope Colorbond panels

The letter kit includes plenty of common letters ALONG WITH more 0's, 4's (mobile phones) and now with more W's for websites, more 'power' words and bonus large SALE letters. See here.

Young lady model changeable sign for Queensland Click Here for more Queensland Changeable Signs

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Made in Australia this changing letter sign for road side business advertising is an effective way to promote your business.


Heavy duty sign systems for outdoor advertising and promotions are easy with MagicSlider

  Changeable Sign Made In Australia

Call Free Sign with wheels and slide lettering to make signage message used for road and shop advertising


The sign is easy to set up and comes 90% assembled. Customers only need to slip the master frame to the stabilizer legs and clip on wheels. Letter kits are included or may be purchased individually.

Magic Slider easy to use changeable letter sign with heavy duty wheels

Changeable Sign on wheels

Made for outdoor use, the UV printed letters and all metal construction give you complete use for outside signage. The stabilizer feet slip into the master frame. The master frame is baked enamel white with slides attached.



Being portable or permanent gives the customer loads of options when making their signage displays and outdoor advertising. Made in Australia, if you have further questions or would like transport quotes to your area please call FREE.

This week free scratchie with every slab - portable sign on wheels

Adding a top company name or logo is a great way to reaffirms the sign message.

Dick Smith

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Wheelout Roadboards "Changeable Signs"

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Heavy duty sign systems for outdoor advertising and promotions are easy with MagicSlider