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Self Standing Outdoor Road Sign With Letters... More pictures here

AUSTRALIAN MADE We have the best priced Genuine MagicSlider wheelout roadboard in Australia and it's easy to add signwriting on the top for any artwork. Call us anytime. Quantity discounts also available.

The best manufactured and useful sliding letter sign produced in Australia, NEW! now with more than 370 numbers, symbols and popular letters it's easy to make your changeable sign come alive and you can have signwriting on the top.

Easy to wheel, easy to use and change everyday sign

 Lightweight and very sturdy you can wheel in wheel out your portable sign everyday and advertise your business products and sale items very quickly. Made for everyday use outdoors. Includes heavy duty wheels and all metal frame sign construction.

The eyecatching and versatile large letter pack includes stacks of common letters AND NOW WITH more 0's, 4's (mobile phones) along with W's for websites, more 'power' words and bonus large SALE letters. See here.

Young lady model changeable sign for Queensland Click Here for more Queensland Changeable Signs



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"Details Inter Changeable Sign Board With Wheels And Lettering Kit"

 Its easy to sign-write the top of the road board with your logo

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Double Sided Heavy duty metal sign systems purchased for outdoor advertising and price board displays - MagicSlider


Its easy to add signwriting or logo's

Step 1. Please let our team know pre order the colors, logo and any special signwriting you need on the top of the road sign. Our team quickly sets the artwork suited for full outdoor exposure printing. The sign is also double sided.


Here one of the crew inspect the print before trimming and applying onto the top of the changeable sign head section


All colors and logos, versions and artwork types can be used.


Team of signwriters working with graphic artists to create a changeable sign suited for outdoor use and interchangeable letter signs


The special signwriting decal is laminated UV print or opaque vinyl self adhesive sign making material. The production team will advise the technique used to best suit your design of art. If general bold text is used, vinyl letters may suit or if detailed blending or artistic artwork is used, a full wide format digital sign quality print (UV outdoor inks) may be used.

One of the signwriters removing the under carrier paper of the decal before applying using 'wet method. Wet method is best as it allows all bubbles to be removed.


Here the signwriter is removing the backing paper of the decal before applying the sign to the main frame top section of the changeable sign.

Next step is to carefully position and press firmly the outdoor grade decal onto the changeable sign head sector.


The signwriter holds the printing in positiion whilst applying downward pressure to applique the image onto the changeable sign


Once applied, the signwriter cuts the edges of the sign to all edges.


Photos shows the signwriter cutting the sign to the edges of the main changeable sign frame. Space is left for words


The main frame and legs fit into each other. The legs are also adjustable and the 'feet'. include handy 'peg holes too! It's easy to set up the sign and the unit comes 90% assembled. All you need to do is add the main frame to each bipod, slip on wheels and tighten.

Here one of the girls holds the changeable sign and positions the legs. Then, the sign slides down and can be bolted.


Here one of the girls holds the changeable sign and positions the legs. Then, the sign slides down and can be bolted. The sign can then be left upright in a free standing position. The wheels make portability easy.


The finished upright freestanding sign



Included with all new sets is a huge amount of changeable letters for use on each sign. Pre cut, Pre spaced large letters and numbers, symbols and 'power words such as SALE, www, Kg etc gives you more options than other smaller systems.


Large letters are included for the changeable sign


The letters are pre cut and spaced for maximum readership. These large size fonts are ideal for road sign useage.


Large pre cut pre spaced letters for signs


Last step. Here is the completed outdoor sign with a young woman standing next to the sign pointing to the changeable letters that slide into position.


Here is the completed outdoor sign with a young woman standing next to the sign pointing to the changeable letters that slide into position.


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Delivery to all areas and towns in Australia is easy. Our company has lots of transport methods and companies whom deliver signs for us everyday. Call FREE to ask for a suburb quote to your area.

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