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Self Standing Outdoor Road Sign With Letters... More pictures here

We have the best priced genuine  MagicSlider in Australia. Call us anytime. Quantity discounts also available.

The best manufactured and useful sliding letter sign produced in Australia, NEW! now with more than 370 numbers, symbols and popular letters it's easy to make your changeable sign come alive.

Easy to wheel, easy to use and change everyday sign

Lightweight and very sturdy you can wheel in wheel out your portable sign everyday and advertise your business products and sale items very quickly. Made for everyday use outdoors. Includes heavy duty wheels and all metal frame sign construction.

The eyecatching and versatile large letter pack includes stacks of common letters AND NOW WITH more 0's, 4's (mobile phones) along with W's for websites, more 'power' words and bonus large SALE letters. See here.

Young lady model changeable sign for Queensland Click Here for more Queensland Changeable Signs



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"Metal Sign Frames for slidable signs... As purchased for Sydney Melbourne Brisbane Australia Wide"

As seen all around Sydney from North Coast to South Coast, INLAND and purchased Australia Wide.

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Double Sided Heavy duty metal sign systems purchased for outdoor advertising and price board displays - MagicSlider


This portable sign made in Australia is used for getting people into your business. It is the best sign everThis portable sign made in Australia for customers is incredible for getting people who drive past your business into your business.

The frame is all metal, the surface also allows magnet letters and the plastic letters glide across so you can add and change, swap and inform everyday, weekly or even hourly the promotions and specials that your business in Australia has. It is the best sign ever!


Car sign with signwritingThere are many various ways that the letters can be inserted and can be applied for many different businesses and industries. It's the ideal car sign to have at the front of your business. Each car can see the sign from long distances and it genuinely tells your new customers what you have, your offers and prices, news and much more. This car sign is perfect for road and street advertising.



road signPlace near the road or at the front of your business. Each flat foot also includes a 'peg hole so that you can affix to the ground or you can also chain the sign through the frame. We recommend that insurance be selected for shipping.


The widest range of signwriting can be applied onto the very top sector of the metal panel for your logo and business design. Each push out trolley sign is double sided viewing.


See larger changeable signAll industries and shops that have a customer entrance can benefit from using this changeable sign with signwriting for their business.


The full metal construction is very strong and includes heavy duty legs for stability. You can quickly add and change messages for your customers using these swap over letters and numbers like this changeable sign example for Brisbane.


Larger image of the lady demonstating how the changeable sign worksEach changeable sign demonstrates the rapid ability to advertise to your perfect markets. Supplied in 3 assembled pieces, you can quickly put the new message advertising in view of your customers. It is made from metal. Here the lady demonstrates how the letters move along the glides, and the top section is signwritten with the company logo. This board was supplied Stones Corner QLD.







Add a signwriting header to the top area of the push out trolley sign.



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Its easy to add signwriting or logo's.

The MagicSlider sign on wheels with 370 interchangeable letters and numbers kit is an amazing sign system that is very popular. With wheels on two legs, it is easy to adjust and transport, yet will stay in ... This message board sign includes letters and numbers to easily change out and Quickly change graphics, just slide the sign panel in or out in seconds. The large size 'grass' wheels allow the sign to easily be rolled.

Double sided sign boards


This image of the beautiful girl standing next to the sign shows the height and size of the main changeable sign design.

This portable sign with the M logos on the top is for the local sporting club notices and faces the road, the letters are changeable

This image of the beautiful girl standing next to the sign shows the height and size of the main changeable sign design.


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Portable Sign

Delivery to all areas and towns in Australia is easy. Our company has lots of transport methods and companies whom deliver signs for us everyday. Call FREE to ask for a suburb quote to your area.


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Heavy duty sign systems for outdoor advertising and promotions are easy with MagicSlider