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Self Standing Outdoor Road Sign With Letters... More pictures here

AUSTRALIAN MADE adjustable and adaptable outdoor message sign board with sturdy metal frame, letter board slide system and portable wheels is available to all areas of Australia fast.

Complete with large letters, numbers and symbols, each lettering pack set includes over 370 pieces.

Built to last, ALL components are Australian Made including the wheels. It's easy to customize, alter and modify your signwriting messages and promote your business directly to customers.

Use as a curb sign, roadside or outside your shop. The sign is moveable weather proof and the master frame can be separated for temporary or permanent. The plastic flute tracking system is perfectly matched to let each letter glide into position without blowing off*.

Easy to wheel, easy to use and change everyday sign

Portable changeable letter board advertising signs like these give the customer incredible flexibility and allow the 'wheelie sign' to be used daily on the grassed area or nature strip for motorway or street passing cars.

The letter kit includes plenty of common letters ALONG WITH more 0's, 4's (mobile phones) and now with more W's for websites, more 'power' words and bonus large SALE letters. See here.

Young lady model changeable sign for Queensland Click Here for more Queensland Changeable Signs



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The best portable 'wheelie sign' ever manufactured. Made in Australia.


This switchable sign brings in more customers to my store than any other thing I do. MagicSlider


Now with more features than ever before!.. Over 370 letters numbers and symbols included with every kit.     Delivered AUSTRALIA WIDE EVERYDAY.... MADE IN AUSTRALIA


Melbourne changeable signs lady placing letters inside portable sign on wheels


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MagicSlider is ideal for outdoor nature strip and curb sign mobility. It is easy to use, easy to see and the signwriting is big and bold. Each new board package includes hundreds of popular pieces and brightly colored red number and symbols etc. The detachable master frame also allows for permanent sliding letter sign between posts poles etc. The design engineering and manufacturing quality is the best and each heavy duty changeable sign includes large wheels to make portabilty everyday to outside your business easy. The unique tracking system ensures letters glide in to position easily without blowing away and the large oversize font gives incredible readership from hundreds of metres away perfect for cars and trucks driving past your store.

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It's easy to rearrange your message each day to suit what products you have on sale or special clearance items giving you fantastic competitive advantage from those who dont have our sign.

The changeable sign being made in the factory


 Reliable, tough and MADE IN AUSTRALIA, Letters that insert into the glide corflute track system are very easy to read from long distance. Optional signwriting your name on the very top head section of the signage board is also available very cheaply.

All signs on wheels are double sided with special lines that the letters move along. Change message sign

The right side legs include heavy duty AUSTRALIAN MADE wheels and the left side has oversize plates with large holes for 'pegging' or staking into the ground is preferred. You can chain or lock the sign with additional length of metal chain you purchase from a local hardware store. Each set of letters includes plenty of common alphabet combinations and more. These are outside display boards that hold pre-spaced letters whose layout can be readily altered as you need. See each sign letter here.

The freestanding metal sign frame comes with wheels and stabiliser legs with large peg hole too.

Signwriting and business names are easy direct from our factory. Our busy signmakers can add your details cheaply.

Two Interchangeable Signs with signwriting on the top section




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Movable 'wheelie' roadboards signage systems are easy with MagicSlider